Our mission

To build zero food waste communities and bridging the gap between

green and convenience with the use of technology.

SecondMunch is a platform that connects F&B businesses with unsold food to consumers at a reduced price. 

Why food waste?

Remember the discounts you get from certain food stores at the end of the day? Despite these last-minute deals, most of them still remain unsold and ultimately end up in the bins.

Sadly, these are mostly edible good food which could have been munched on by us.

You'll probably say - "if only I had known about it!"


In fact, 1/3 of all food produced is thrown away annually. This is equivalent to a whopping 1.3 billion tonnes of waste worldwide. This is a huge global problem - for both the climate and economy.

The 'Green vs Convenience' myth

In Singapore, being green is often perceived as an inconvenient task. It requires us to make an effort everyday and change our habits to be mindful of our impact on the environment.

We understand, and hence we aim to make it easy for you to make sustainable food choices.

How did SecondMunch begin?

Being food lovers ourselves, we realised that more needs to be done to tackle food wastage in Singapore. Good food should not be wasted!


Having stayed in Sweden, a country known for its sustainability, we were inspired by their commendable zero waste initiatives. When it came to food wastage, we saw how easy it was to be a part of their green community, and the little effort it took to be green.

This inspired us to come up with a solution to make it easy for people to take their first step towards going green - through reducing food wastage at the business level. Thus, SecondMunch was created.

Our team consists of three students from the National University of Singapore - Peggy, Jane and Yanisa, who met in Sweden, Stockholm during their NUS Overseas Colleges Programme in 2019.


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