Do more for your business

Predicting demand is always difficult but what if we told you that you can literally chew on the problem?

Stop worrying about food wastage and let us help you sell your surplus.

Becoming sustainable in 3 simple steps:

Upload your



On the telegram bot, choose the mystery bundle to list (i.e. 3 mysterious pastries for $6, UP $12) 

Customer order

& collection


Customers will order the mystery bundles and make payments via the platform. They will then head down to collect during the specified collection time frame. 

Track your



Money earned will be released at the end of every month. You can track your sales history to manage your earnings and future inventory.

Turn your surplus into extra revenue with SecondMunch

Optimise your revenue

 Do you find yourself with unsold items at the end of the day? Convert that surplus into offers for customers on the hunt for good deals.  

Green Branding

With the focus on the importance of implementing sustainable solutions in businesses today, we want to help you achieve this green branding conveniently. This means not having to change so much of your current workflow, but still able to achieve an additional green branding. 

Reduce your food waste

Help save the environment while improving your business!

Saving the environment is important, but we also understand that it is can be difficult while running a business. 

At SecondMunch, we offer you a convenient yet profitable way to tackle this problem of food waste.

Earn more, Waste less

A fuss-free way to sell your surplus

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