Frequently Asked Questions

For Businesses

Getting started

Is my business suitable for SecondMunch?

As long as your establishment has surplus food that is unsold, we can help you clear them! SecondMunch works with all types of food retails in any location and of all sizes, as long as they are in compliance with the Singapore Food Agency. Please see our T&C for more info.

Is SecondMunch free to use?

Yes we are, no strings attached! We are a young startup and our aim is to raise awareness and reduce food waste among the retail sector. We want to work with your business to achieve this goal together!

I would like to sign up as a merchant, where can I register?  

We would love to have you onboarded with us! You can register here and our team will follow up with you thereafter.

Setting up

What do I need in order to be onboarded with SecondMunch?

All you need is a smart device (phone or tablet) and the Telegram Application which can be downloaded at the App Store.  And that's absolutely it! For more information on how we will help you get started, please contact us here

What is Telegram? Is it safe?

Telegram is a messaging application that allows you to subscribe to many useful channels, bots, and send/forward messages to your family and loved ones. 

Our Channels and Bots are build using the Telegram API and we ensure utmost security and privacy. For more information on privacy concerns, please refer to our Privacy Policy

Food Listings

How often and which part of the day can I make a food listing?

You can post listings for your assorted bundles daily at any time of the day, as often as you would like.  We currently do not charge any listing fees, and its free for you to use! 

What kind of food items can be listed?

Generally, any food items that you sell in-store and are safe to consume can be added in the bundle and listed. You can see our Merchant Terms for more information on how to ensure food safety.

Does the food have to be left aside before listing it? How do I store it?

You do not have to set it aside. However, you need to ensure that you have the quantity available listed on our platform should there be a reservation by your stated collection time.

Storing of the food item should be done in accordance with the Singapore's Food Safety Standards,  just as how you would normally store your food item.


What’s next after the buyer reserves the food item?

You will be notified when the buyer has reserved the assorted bundle.  Upon notification, you can choose to set it aside or package it accordingly for collection.  Customers are expected to collect at your stated collection timing before the closing hours.

It is after the stated collection hours but my customers still have not turned up for their collection. What do I do?

We understand you need to close for the day and some food might turn bad if kept overnight. Hence, when customers fail to turn up to collect their purchase within the collection timing, the shop reserves the right to keep the purchase or sell it to another customer. 

Did we answer your question? If you have any questions that are not answered above, please feel free to contact us and our customer service representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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