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For Consumers

Getting started

How do I join? How does SecondMunch work?

You can start receiving food discount listing when you subscribe to our telegram channel.

Register your interest here to get notified when we launch SecondMunch.

We also have our SecondMunch bot that will assist you in purchasing your food item through the platform. Afterward, head down to the shop and pick them up as a takeaway and you can enjoy your food! 

How do I help the environment by rescuing food with SecondMunch?

8 million kg of food waste being generated annually in Singapore. Of which, more than 50% comes from food retails. The impact of the food industry on the climate is devastating. By purchasing surplus with SecondMunch, you are helping to tackle food waste.

Purchasing food

Are there any additional fees?

Nope, there are absolutely no hidden charges! The price listed on our platform is nett price. 

Why is it discounted?

These food items are discounted because our merchants are not able to sell it by the end of the day, but do not wish to keep them overnight due to safety concerns. Hence, they sell them at a huge discount to prevent wastage!

Is the food safe?

The food retails are committed to making food items offered through the service in compliance with local legislation concerning the handling, storing and transportation of food and in accordance with the established principles and practices of the industry. Please see SFA food safety guidelines here for more details. 

Because the food sold on SecondMunch is surplus food, it sometimes means that it may not hold the same visual standard as you would expect - but it still tastes as good! For freshness and health concerns, customers are strongly advised to exercise discretion when consuming the food and do not keep them overnight

Food Collection

Can I collect it another day?

Due to the food regulations in Singapore, all food sold has to be consumed by the best before date. Therefore, any purchase you made has to be collected within the specified timeframe!

I regret my purchase/won't be able to pick up my order in time.

Can I cancel my order?

Once your payment has been made, your purchase is completed. This guarantees the restaurant, but also you as a customer, that the food is reserved for you. 
Due to time sensitivity of the food items, we are unfortunately not able to offer refunds for uncollected items. 

Can I eat in?

All food purchased through SecondMunch is for take-away only. This is to reduce the load on the location so that they can offer food items at a discounted price. However, you can always check with the staff when you pick up your food in the case that some shop does allow you to eat in.

I'm not satisfied with the food quality, what do I do?

Both SecondMunch and our partners are eager to deliver the same food quality to you as you would expect in other cases when you buy food from the same locations. Because the food sold by SecondMunch is surplus food, it sometimes means that it may not hold the same visual standard as you would expect - but it still tastes as good!

If you have any comments about the food you've purchased through SM we advise you to bring it up with the shop you bought it from. Preferably when you pick it up. We are of course also here for you, please contact us if you have any comments regarding the quality of the food. If something is wrong with the food, please take a picture of it and send it to us. We'll then contact the partner shop who will decide which type of compensation that is appropriate.

Did we answer your question? If you have any questions that are not answered above, please feel free to contact us and our customer service representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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